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Anti-Aging Facial with Glycolic Peel  (A T)
Using a mixed blend of customized enzymes and glycolic to boost the treatment and deliver great results with each facial. $65  

Mini Glycolic Treatment   (A T)
Short and sweet. A powerful mini facial that includes full cleanse with a stand alone glycolic peel session. Not for those with sensitive skin. $35 

Light Therapy Facial (A T) 
Cycled LED lights heal the skin from within to prevent and protect the skin during this full facial to address a number of concerns. $60 

PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion (A T)
This less invasive approach to microdermabrasion is safer and more comfortable. The crystal therapy focuses on your primary problem with proper nutrients to deliver unbelievable results! $45 

 **Please click the Advanced Treatment tab for more information on treatments marked (A T).**

Foot Treatment 
A perfect blend of Epsom Salt & Coconut Oil helps to relieve tired and sore feet as well as remove dead skin and add moisture.  This makes a wonderful addition to any facial!   $10

Hot Stone Back Treatment 
​Whether you are struggling with back skin problems or simply wish to have your back rubbed for a half hour, this treatment is a great way to go!    $45

Full Body Salt Scrub
Great cure for dry, rough skin. Our custom blend of Epsom Salt & Coconut Oil is massaged into the skin and makes for a great exfoliating and moisturizing treatment for the whole body.   $35

Relaxation Massage
Standard massage for relaxation purposes only.  No medical massage.  Includes hot towel compresses to help reach further into muscles.      $30+

​Brow, Lip, Chin  - $10 each

Full Face - $25

Leg (half) - $30 

Leg (whole) - $50

Underarm - $25

Bikini - $45

"Since I had never had a facial, Christina explained every step. She was very pleasant and I definitely enjoyed the facial. I will go back for more services. I am really glad I did this."
Customized Facial 
Recognizing that everyone’s skin is different, we tailor every facial to meet your specific skin type and condition to better suit your needs to deliver you the best facial as possible. Fully customized to address your specific skin concerns. $50

Express Facial 
aka “Lunch time” facial. In and out within a half hour but having lots of benefits including customized enzymes and masking time which is what helps deliver results. $30

Acne Facial  (A T) 
A cranberry peel containing 20% salicylic acid and cranberry to resurface & refine the pores, remove oil and protect from bacterial infections plus strawberry spearmint mask specifically designed to address acne and oily skin. This is also paired with extractions an blue LED light to kill underlying bacteria and protect against future breakouts.  Blemish spot treatment used to dry out active breakouts. Ideal for oily & acneic  $40  

​Seasonal Facial 
Look for new and exciting facials every month or two. These facials smell so good, you'll want to eat them! Find out what seasonal facials are being offered at this time by visiting the homepage. $40

Pore Cleansing Facial 
Those that want a deep pore cleaning will love this facial that pairs a pomegrante or blueberry enzyme, both containing glycolic and salicylic acid with blue light therapy to help kill acne causing bacteria.    $35

Lightning Facial  (A T) 
For those with extreme hyper-pigmentation wanting to lighten the skin's dark spots. Using a lemon zest enyme and 20% lactic acid to perform a deep lightning to the skin.   $45