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Anti-Aging Facial with Glycolic Peel  (ADVANCED TREATMENT)
Looking for a facial that doesn't play around?  This is the one for you. Erase wrinkles, scarring, acne, hyper-pigmentation and much more one layer at a time.  This facial includes a deep cleanse using a pomagrate and aloe vera cleanser to soothe and calm the skin, an enzyme and glycolic peel session to sloth away layers of skin, gentle and calming facial massage and SPF and moisture.
$65  -  45 min        $40  -  30 min  (Mini Glycolic Treatment) 
$155 for 3  or  $300 for 6

Light Therapy Facial (ADVANCED TREATMENT) 
This facial starts with steam during a full double cleanse and extensive exfoliation session. Extractions are then performed and followed with LED Light Therapy to target any concerns your skin may have. You then drift off to a relaxing facial massage then end it with mask and added moisture. This facial also includes a number of hot towels throughout the treatment.
$ 60  -  50-60 min

PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion (ADVANCED TREATMENT)
This less invasive approach to microdermabrasion is safer and more comfortable. The crystal therapy focuses on your primary problem with proper nutrients to deliver unbelievable results! Multiple treatments are recommended. Check out the PowerDerm tab for more information. 
$ 45 - 30 min. 
$ 120 for 3 or $ 250 for 6
 **Please click the Advanced Treatment tab for more information on these above treatments.**

Signature Facial 
This facial starts off with two cleanses to help get in the pores to clean. A two step exfoliation is then done that will help sloth away dead skin cells from the surface and clean out any impurities. Opting for extractions is a wonderful addition to your facial as it will help to remove blackheads and other dirt and oil build up from the pores. A wonderful facial massage is then performed to help drift you further into a deep relaxation state of mind. While masking after the massage, you will feel the wonders of a neck and shoulder massage to help sooth away built up stress. The facial is then wrapped up with moisturizer and an SPF.  Includes numerous hot towels throughout the treatment. This facial will leave your skin noticeably smooth, bright and feeling like new for days! 
$ 50 - 45-60 min. 
$ 30 - 20-30 min.  (Mini Facial)

Pore Cleansing Facial
Those with very oily or congested skin will love this facial! Using a combination of steam and hot towels, I am able to open the pores up enough to help release built up oil and dirt and use extractions to clean the pores out and rid them of stubborn blackheads as well as kill bacteria that causes acne.  This facial includes steam, double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, light therapy and moisturizer. 
$35 - 30-45 min. 

Body Treatments
​Foot Therapy 
A perfect blend of Epsom Salt and Coconut Oil to help relax tired and sore feet and deliver great moisture. Full treatment includes foot soak, our signature blend of lavender Epsom salt and organic coconut oil, foot & leg massage and moisture.  Makes for a wonderful ADD ON to any facial treatment or as a stand alone treatment. 
$ 20  -  30 min
$ 10  -  ADD ON to any facial

Hot Stone Back Facial 
30 amazing minutes of your back being rubbed and nurtured with a combination of products, hot towels and hot stones!  Includes a cleanse, scrub, hot stone massage, masque and moisture.  Great treatment for sore and aching backs!!  
$ 45  -  30 min

30 Minute Target Relaxation Massage
This relaxation massage will focus on a few areas of your body to help relieve stress and built up tension without using painful pressure. A combination of gentle movements and hot towels will feel great on tense muscles.  
$ 30 

**Times listed for services are approximate and are intended for scheduling purposes.**
"I love Christina! She was sooo professional and knowledgeable! I've been to many spas in different cities and I can honestly say Christina is in my top 5. Her prices are awesome and her products are great. Her pressure and technique was perfect! Make sure you book her for your next appointment. "
March 16, 2014
Brow, Lip, or Chin  $10 each 
  Bikini   $40
Full Face  $25 
Leg (HALF)  $30
  Leg (FULL)  $45 
  Underarm  $15